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ASPhere is a freeware utility primarily intended for creating and modifying configuration files for ASP.NET. But they are not only web.config files ASPhere can work with, you can use it for viewing and editing normal XML files and plain text files as well.

... and why was it written?

If you ever tried to create web.config files, you would definitely agree with me that modifying of these files can be time-consuming work. This tool should help you to do this in a more comfortable way.

It offers you a graphical user interface for editing XML-based files, a text editor with syntax highlighting, intelligent contextual help and other useful features such as comparing files.

ASPhere's main features and functions

  • graphical interface for editing XML documents
  • editor with syntax highlighting and contextual help
  • ability to have several files opened simultaneously
  • files can be managed in a project
  • file compare function with highlighting differences

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